Hi babes. New month, new faves! Almost time for bare legs, haha. Booking all those summer vacations makes my summer-mood even bigger. Been such a sucker for the cold weather lately, but that’s finally as good as over. I’m in love with that faux leather jacket from Mango. And those Topshop boots are definitely my fave. Shop all the items with the links below!

And p.s., happy International Womensday! Empowered women, empower women <3 #thefutureisfemale

Extra lots of love XXX

  1. ASOS high waist skinny jeans – (here)
  2. Topshop buckle boots – (here)
  3. Mango stud and fringe faux leather jacket – (here)
  4. True Decadence rhinestone statement earrings – (here)
  5. Mango buckles leather skirt – (here)
  6. Gentle black and silver large dreamer hoff sunglasses – (here)
  7. Mango openwork knit sweater – (here)
  8. Balenciaga city mini bag – (here)

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