Hi babes. Here is a ‘what’s in my bag’. I’m not the most organised person on earth, but I always have my bag with me. And I always know exactly what’s in it. Obviously a pack of gum, my keys and money but also these things:

  1. The bag itself – a Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM (here) which I got as a graduation present from Mat this summer
  2. Wallet – the Louis Vuitton Sarah wallet in Damier Ebene Canvas (here)
  3. Phone – iPhone 7 Plus which I can’t live without. Similar case (here)
  4. Powder – Balmain Styling Powder. My favourite hair product ever. It provides texture and a lots of volume (here)
  5. Nail polish – favourite nail lacquer from O.P.I called “Alpine Snow” which I always use when I have short nails (here)
  6. Earrings – everyday earrings from Buddha to Buddha
  7. Parfume – my favourite fragrance for a long time now. Love this fragrance for Winter as well for Summer (here)
  8. Brow pencil – Colour “Stud” from MAC which I use on a daily basis. Don’t always have time to do my eyebrows in the morning so this item is always in my bag (here)
  9. Sunglasses – The only pair sunglasses regardless it’s summer or winter haha – from Celine (here
  10. Lipgloss – never not going anywhere without my lipgloss from NYX in the colour “Madeleine” (here)

Lots of love XXX


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