Hi loves. My first (unprepared) hike is a fact! We woke up early today, had some breakfast and drove to Es Vedrà and Atlantis.

Es Vedrà is a small rocky island off the southwestern seaboard of the island Ibiza. It’s a part of the Cala d’Hort nature reserve and it’s uninhabited. Es Vedrà itself is not so hard to find and once you get there the view is stunning. It’s also a beautiful spot to watch the sunset!

Atlantis Ibiza (Sa Pedrera) is a secret cove and is one of the most read and talked-about places when it comes to the island’s hidden secrets. Getting there isn’t easy… unless you have a private boat. But it is possible. If you’ve been to Es Vedrà first, you can afterwards try to navigate “Sa Pedrera” if that doesn’t work, try these coordinates 38.872543 1.230607 these will bring you to the parking where the adventure will start. I’m lying if I say that the hike downwards (2km) and the hike upwards (2km) aren’t hard… We suffered haha. Bring enough water en food, put on a good pair of shoes (Mat did it on his flipflops, and I did the way back on my socks… so if we can do it like that everyone can do it). Once you’re down you get an incredible view of the crystal-clear turquoise waters. It is possible to swim in the caves if you want to!

Tomorrow we’ll have a beach day and we’re going to the North of the island for the first time.

Lots of love Xxx




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