Hi loves. I always get tons of questions about my photos. So I thought it might be fun to share all my tips and apps on how you can give your Instagram stories a touch-up!

Lots of love! XXX


This is my favourite app of all. With this app you’re able to make a collage of your photos in a cool way. You can add four pictures and even add some text in different fonts and styles. The end result will automatically be the size of an Instagram story!


I think this is the most used Instagram app that everyone knows by now. I kind of have had my best time with the app since I’m seeing in everywhere now haha… But it is still a super fancy filter which works on daytime pictures as well as on night pictures. A similar app is “Kamon – Classic Film Camera”.


Instagram itself has so many options to make an Instagram story more attractive. Here are some of the things I always do;

– I always look for another colour than the standard colours. You can easily do this by just pressing a colour for 2 seconds. You then get a large colour board and so you can choose your own colour. You can also swipe it on the picture itself to choose a colour of the picture so it will all blend in very well.

– What I also always do is choose another front style then “classic”. You can easily do this by typing your text and clicking on the front style above. My favourites are “typewriter” and “strong”.

– To add some drawings, you can add GIFS, mention someone, add a location or make your own drawing like a little heart with the pencil. For this, you can also use different kinds of front styles!


If you like to film stories this is a super fun app! You can film via the app and it will give your little movies a vintage effect. A similar app is “RAD VHS”


You have definitely seen this effect during Christmas time! This app gives everything you film a super sparkly effect.

(picture belongs to owner, Rosie Huntingtion)


Last but not least, GRAINCAM. This app obviously speaks for itself! With Graincam you can add a grain effect to your pictures. It makes them more oldie and a little bit vintage!


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