X-MAS 2017

Different snaps from my 3 Christmas days <3

Hi babes! Finally laying in bed, super exhausted from the past 3 days! But I had so much fun. On Christmas Eve Mat and I celabrated it with his family. We were eating from 3 PM till 1 AM haha. The day after we spent Christmas at my dad’s place in Brussels together with my little brother. I love pretty Brussels on these festive days! Today my grandma came over and we celabrated Christmas at my moms place, who made super delicious things! Aaand I got so many nice presents, like ALL the seasons and episodes of Gossip Girl (since Netflix is deleting the serie). Even though Christmas can be a little bit stressful. I really love the coziness and being together with all the beloved ones. Tomorrow we are off to PARIS.

Lots of love! Xx


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